What does proctor’s hesitation to travel to salem indicate about his inner conflict?

What is John Proctor’s internal conflict?

The Crucible – Conflict Analysis John Proctor’s Internal Conflict: John Proctor’s most pronounced internal conflict has to do with the sin he committed, adultery. Proctor cheated on his wife with Abigail Williams, and this makes Proctor feel incredibly guilty because in town he is “respected and even feared” (19).

Why exactly is Proctor hesitant to go to Salem to stop this trial? “

John is hesitant to go to town and present evidence because he is not sure he will be believed. It’s his word against Abigail’s. He says, “If the girl is a saint now, I guess it’s not so easy to prove she’s a fraud, and the town has gotten so stupid. She told me this in a room alone – I have no proof” (pp.

What is the internal conflict in Act Four of The Crucible? “

The main conflict in Act Four of The Crucible is that Danforth, Parris, and Hale want John Proctor to confess so that he will not be hanged. They each have a different reason why they want to stop the hanging.

Why is Elizabeth upset that Proctor didn’t immediately agree to go to Salem? “

Elizabeth tells Proctor that he should go to Salem and tell him that Abigail is a fake. Proctor hesitates and then says that he can’t prove Abigail’s words since they were alone during the conversation. Elizabeth resents Proctor for not telling her that he spent time alone with Abigail.

What is a character’s internal conflict? Internal conflict occurs when a character in literature experiences tension within themselves. Internal conflict is the opposite of external conflict, which occurs when a character faces external opposing forces, such as another character or a natural disaster.

What internal conflict does John Proctor face at the end of Act II? John Proctor is torn because he needs to confront Abigail, and he knows that if he does, she will tell everyone that they had an affair.

What two reasons does John Proctor refuse to attend church? “

He says, “I’ve got enough problems without walking five miles to listen to his sermons about hellfire and bloody damnation. John also explains to Reverend Hale that he stayed home on Sundays in the winter because his wife Elizabeth was ill.

What is the reason Proctor hesitates to hang one of those who refuse to make a false confession? “

He says that he does not hold out, like Rebecca and Martha, out of religious conviction. Rather, he does it out of spite because he wants his persecutors to feel the weight of guilt for hanging him when they know he is innocent. After much anguish of conscience, Proctor agrees to confess.

What are John Proctor’s internal and external conflicts? “

Proctor’s internal conflicts related to morality are also important to the storyline and plot of the play. Although Proctor dies at the end, he resolves his internal conflicts and the most important external conflict: his need for respect and admiration from his wife.

What is the main internal conflict in the play? “

Internal conflict is defined as &>39;the struggle between a character’s emotions, values, desires, character traits, and interests that may prevent him from achieving his goal&>39;. This type of conflict is necessary for character arc development.

Why does Elizabeth believe that John is hesitant to go to Salem and tell what he knows? “

Elizabeth convinces John to expose Abigail and reveal her lies to the town. John, however, hesitates because he knows it will hurt Abigail, and even though he does not want to continue his relationship with Abigail, he still wants to protect her.

Why does Elizabeth think it is important that John go to Salem? “

At the beginning of the action, why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem? Elizabeth wants John to go to Salem to tell the authorities that the girls aren’t telling the truth.

What are some examples of internal conflict? For example, a character may have a fear of heights, a desire for power, or the need to conform to someone else’s expectations.

What is Proctor’s internal conflict: to confess or not to confess, and what are his specific reasons for confessing? “

His desire to remain honest and his desire to keep his family together tear him in two. Proctor believes that God will forgive him if he confesses because, as Hale states, "life is God’s most precious gift; no principles, however glorious, can justify taking it away."

Why does Elizabeth Proctor refuse to go to church?

Elizabeth Proctor used to attend church regularly, but after Abigail’s dismissal, she stops going to church. It is believed that she doesn’t want to get close to Abigail because she thinks Abigail had an affair with her husband.”

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