The Caribbean: World Experiences in One Area


There’s much more to the Caribbean than you imagine. If you’ve never been, you may imagine it’s all about paradise sunsets and postcard beaches. While these assumptions are correct, they merely scratch the surface. There’s all kinds of scenery and things to see when the liner pulls up on Caribbean cruises. This article will provide some perspective on all the diverse options available in the area beyond just basking in the glorious sun and relaxing on the sandy beaches.


Island exploring

Did you know there are more than 7,000 islets scattered around the Caribbean? If you really want to experience the local essence, you have to spend some time exploring this vast network of ecosystems during your Caribbean cruises. To this effect, you’ll find many options available, from diverse ferries connecting the bigger islands to exploratory boat tours organized by locals. You will have a memorable time hopping along these islets, whether you’re interested in snorkelling along the shores or just observing the terrestrial fauna and flora.

Local sea food

For some reason, food in the Caribbean doesn’t get nearly enough credit. This means that a lot of visitors invariably get a surprising gastronomic experience. For what it’s worth, you should know the local sea food is incredibly fresh (naturally, you might say!) and surprisingly diverse. When you sample the traditional dishes, you’ll come across interesting culinary fusions and unexpectedly hot delicacies on every corner.

The culture

If you imagine the culture scene here boils down to swaying palm trees and quaint seascapes, you’re in for a treat (you’re also mildly mistaken!). Not only are the locals friendly and relaxed, which will instantly intensify your easy-going holiday mood, but you’ll also find a surprising variety of cultural and historical landmarks scattered throughout the bigger islands like Jamaica, the Dominican Republic or Antigua. When you feel like walking, there’s no shortage of trekking routes, amazing natural parks and reserves, all of which are absolutely glorious.

Away from the beach

No matter where in the Caribbean you go, there are fun events and activities waiting for you around every corner. From horse races in St Kitts island to world-renowned golf courses, colossal wedding venues and exploratory scooter rides across the Dominican Republic, limestone caves and Cultural Open Houses in Barbados and tours of an active volcano in Montserrat, life is always a celebration in the Caribbean no matter what the occasion, from harvest time to full blown Carnival.

The warmth, the vibe, the sights… the Caribbean is simply fantastic. It’s an explorer’s dream, let’s face it!

Photo by Antonio Cha via Flickr CC

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