Tenerife. A Rocky Road Less Travelled


The volcanic island of Tenerife offers much, much more than just sea and sand…. The sun goes without saying: its excellent year-round good weather makes and outdoor holiday on this Canarian island a great choice whatever the season. If you are looking for a memorable holiday, Punta de Teno will not disappoint. It is one of Tenerife’s oldest geological areas and a national park, and the road, which winds to Punta de Teno from the town of Buenavista del Norte in the north-west of the island reaches 1,000 metres at its peak. The narrow road provides spectacular scenery with steep slopes on one side, deep cliffs on another, and you will pass through three tunnels – one of them being almost one kilometre in length, and without any lights, it can be quite an experience!

From the road there are also footpaths that take you to the remote mountain village of Teno Alto, where you can try the goats cheese that it’s famous for. Lots of water and the right footwear and equipment are essential for walking the mountains, but if you are well prepared, the views across the mountains and the landscape, with its unique and rare flora and fauna, will take your breath away.

There are no buses to travel the road, so car, bike, or by foot for the braver are the only options. Occasionally, however, the road can be closed due to rain and landslides. 371267072_4c849c28ae_z-5120302

One of the most picturesque points is the old lighthouse – one of seven to be found on Tenerife: this one dates from 1897 – and looks out to sea on a rocky cape, all the way over to the cliffs of Los Gigantes and the nearby island of La Gomera. Below this is a beach where snorkellers can take advantage of the many different varieties of fish in the clear waters. Most people never get as far as this on their Tenerife trip and because of this it can be a quiet but adventurous getaway with rewarding views.

Getting thereis easy as there are lots of cheap flights to Tenerife available, especially outside term-time. From the airport you might light to hire a car and take in the sights of the northern part of the island before heading up to Punta de Teno. And don’t forget you take your camera – you’ll use it – but make sure it doesn’t get blown away…it can get windy.

Joanna Owens/ author of the article
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