Holiday Heaven: Why Visit Scenic Santorini?


Hoping to book a holiday in Greece? If you’re considering visiting one of the Greek islands, you may well have heard of Santorini – a place that’s particularly well known for its impressive scenery and sunsets. Since there are so many islands to choose from, though, you should get an idea of what makes each good to visit before making your final decision. Below, you can find out all about the appeal of Santorini.

Scenery and sunsets

We all have different priorities when we go on holiday. Some people want nothing more than sun, others seek culture, while other people prize activities over everything else. Santorini, with its incredible volcanic landscape, tends to suit holidaymakers who are after great scenery.

In fact, Santorini’s really made a name for itself in terms of landscape, thanks in no small part to its blue-domed churches, whitewashed buildings, dramatic cliffs and incredible sunsets. It’s these sunsets that draw a lot of people here – especially couples – and, if you want to get the best possible view, you need to know where to go.

Head up to the north of the island and you’ll find the village of Oia. Full of lovely little tavernas, it’s got a reputation for being one of the best places in Santorini for seeing the sun setting for the evening. Why? It has a brilliant uninterrupted view, which means you can watch the whole thing from start to finish without any landmarks getting in your way, and you also get great views over neighbouring islands. It’s worth bearing in mind that this is hardly a well-kept secret, though, so you’ll probably have to share the moment with quite a few other people.

The village of Imerovigli is another good choice if you fancy checking out the sunset, since it’s the highest point of the caldera. In fact, this makes it great for admiring the view at any time of day, as it gives you probably the best vantage point across the island and out to sea.


Where better than an island famous for its sunsets for a romantic break? Santorini is almost unbelievably pretty, so it’s no surprise that it’s a magnet for honeymooners and couples. While everyone’s idea of romance is a little different, most of us generally look for luxurious accommodation when planning a special romantic getaway. And, as you may have guessed, Santorini has plenty of options in that regard. What’s really nice about it is there are some seriously good hotels in a number of the most scenic little villages (including Oia, the one known for its sunsets). 2910625396_43d0aac185_z-2561975
An added bonus is that, since there are so many of these villages, it’s not hard to find something close to the capital, Fira, that still exudes an authentic Greek atmosphere. Stay in the village of Megalohori, for instance, to be in the heart of the local winemaking industry, surrounded by beautiful vineyards and churches, and just ten minutes away from Fira.

Ancient sites

You don’t have to be planning a romantic break to have a great time in Santorini, though. One of the most interesting stories about the island is the rumour that it is the Lost City of Atlantis, but whether the myth is true or not, there are some fascinating historic sites to explore, as well as some decent museums.
Among the spots you should try to visit is Ancient Thira, where you can see temples, a theatre, mosaics and an old market place, among other things. The ruins include Roman, Hellenic and Byzantine structures, but it’s been established that the site was first occupied in the 9th century by the Dorians.

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