Golf drives travel much farther than major league home runs. why might this be?

What launch angle do you think will provide the farthest strokes?

The sine function reaches its largest output value, 1, at an input angle of 90 degrees, so we see that for the farthest impact, 2θ = 90 degrees and therefore θ = 45 degrees. In other words, the projectile flies farthest if it is launched at an angle of 45 degrees.

Under what force does vy change as the golf ball moves?

However, vertical velocity is affected by gravity, so it changes over time. The acceleration due to gravity g is 9.8 m/s2. It acts in the direction of the Earth, so the velocity of any object decreases by 9.8 m/s every second when the object is moving upward and increases when the object is moving downward.

How would these factors affect the trajectory of a golf ball on the Moon?

On the Moon, the force of gravity is much less than on Earth, and the atmosphere is very thin. How would these factors affect the trajectory of a golf ball on the Moon? With much less gravity and much less air resistance, the golf ball will stay in the air longer and travel more.

Can you get holes-in-one using other combinations of vinitial and θ?

Can you get holes-in-one using other combinations of vinitial and θ? If yes, give an example. Yes, with a speed of 98 m/s and an angle of 12o.

How does launch angle affect distance?

The smaller the launch angle, the closer to the ground the ball flies. In general, putters with less backlash create a lower launch angle, flying a greater distance, while putters with more backlash are designed for a higher launch and do not fly as far.

How does angle affect projectile motion? “

Larger launch angles have a greater maximum height. Because steep launch angles have a larger vertical component of velocity, increasing the launch angle increases the maximum altitude.

What factors affect the ball’s flight distance?

Four factors affect the flight distance of an object in the air: temperature, atmospheric pressure, dew point temperature (or water vapor content), and wind. The density of air decreases as the temperature increases. Therefore, the higher the temperature, the farther an object such as a baseball will travel.

What forces cause a change in velocity? “

First, they can change the shape of an object. Second, they can change the velocity of the object. And a third force can change the direction in which the object is traveling. If the force changes both velocities.

Why does a golf ball fly farther on the moon than it does on Earth? “

He said: “On the moon, projectiles fly farther because the gravitational force is much weaker than on Earth, and because there is no atmosphere on the moon, so there is no drag.

Has anyone ever made two holes in one round? “

Yusaku Miyazato, 2006 Reno-Tahoe Open: Miyazato made two holes in one round, in the second round. He carded a score of 66 in that round and tied for 21st place. Brian Harman, 2015 The Barclays: And both of Harman’s holes also happened in the same round, the fourth round.

How likely are two people to make a hole-in-one on the same hole?

Being an experienced golfer is certainly advantageous. You may have heard stories of two players making an ace on the same hole at the same event. In reality, the probability of this happening is slim. Statistically, the probability of this happening is 32,000 to 1.

What factors affect the distance traveled by a projectile? Horizontal distance depends on two factors: horizontal velocity (vox) and the time the projectile is in the air. The horizontal distance is the product of these two quantities. The height of the projectile depends on the initial vertical velocity (voy) and the time the projectile is in the air.

What is the theory of projectile motion?

A projectile is an object on which only gravity acts. The force of gravity acts on the vertical motion of the projectile, causing vertical acceleration. The horizontal motion of a projectile is the result of the tendency of any moving object to remain in motion at a constant velocity.

What factors affect the motion of a projectile?

What are the two most important factors affecting projectile motion?

The most important factors affecting projectile motion are:

  • Throwing angle: The angle at which an object is thrown determines how high (vertically) or far (horizontally) it will reach the target.
  • Initial velocity: The greater the initial launch velocity, the higher and farther the object will reach.

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