Cruising To France Need Not Be Expensive


Ever fancied a trip to France but worry that it may be expensive? Long for a river cruise through France to Prague for a romantic break away? It doesn’t have to break the bank and there are so many cruises to France and through the beautiful country these days that your trip is just a few clicks away.

Paris is well known as the city of magical romance; a place where you can take the love of your life for a romantic proposal or spend some quality time together. With a cruise through Paris to other enchanting locations you could be seeing exciting new sights every day, making a river cruise can be an ideal option for intrepid explorers.

With a range of European river cruises on offer throughout stunning cities and picturesque locations it could be the perfect opportunity to explore Europe in well-appointed accommodation and enjoy each other’s company. Cruise ships have a large range of facilities on board for comfort and luxury so there is no need to worry about where to go for dinner. The accommodation is the epitome of style and the best thing about a cruise is that not only do you get to sit on board and watch the scenery go by in various locations, making for striking photo opportunities, but you also get the option to disembark and explore particular points on the journey. saint-jean-de-luz

On a river cruise adventure in France you can maximise the places you see and turn your holiday into an exciting journey rather than just a destination. Spend a few days soaking up the beauty of Paris, stroll around the stunning towns of Giverny and Vernon or explore the medieval city of Rouen taking in the haunting beauty of the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral. With a river cruise, so much is possible.

You may worry that a holiday could be expensive but with a river cruise it can be less expensive than you might think. Companies such as Viking offer a wide range of cruises in a selection of areas so that you can spend your holiday not just visiting one destination but enjoying several points along the way. The great thing is that the price is less expensive than you might think.

Surely the opportunity to visit several places and learning the history of towns and cities all while staying in high quality accommodation is a more exciting option than simply visiting one place? A river cruise in France could be the perfect option for your holiday this year so why not take a look at the locations available and the huge number of options and create the holiday of your dreams?

Joanna Owens/ author of the article
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