Budget Travel Tips: Valenbisi – Valencia's Great Bike Share System


Bicycle riding is slowly becoming an integral part of the public transportation system in Valencia as it is a healthy, fast, cheap, environmentally friendly and fun way to travel around the city; and since Valenbisi introduced their urban bike sharing program, there are no more excuses for not doing so.

For 10euro per week or 18euro per year, you can rent one of the 2.750 bikes available. The bikes are distributed in 275 stations in close proximity to each other, in different parts of the city, many of these docks being placed along the shores of the Turia Gardens, one of the best biking itineraries Valencia offers. The city’s most busy streets have been recently equipped with bike lanes that provide access to many businesses, as well as some very cool bike lanes along the above mentioned Turia Gardens.

For the one week subscription all you need is a credit card and you can get your Valenbisi card from one of the terminals fitted out for this purpose. The first half hour is free. If you don’t return the bike to one of the terminals within 30 minutes you are charged an extra fee for every half hour. But with so many terminals available it is really worth returning the bike and taking another one so the free 30 minutes start all over again. In case you get to a station and there are no empty docks left, all you have to do is swap your card and you’ll be granted 15 more minutes to find an empty terminal.

In order to help you organize your trip better you can make use of the free Valenbisi app available for both Blackberry and Android. The app tells you where the nearest stations are and checks the status of the Valenbisi terminals for you, available bikes and free slots, so you don’t have to waste your time searching from station to station. One of the major advantages of using Valenbisi bikes instead of the ones from the more expensive bike rental companies in Valencia is that you can leave your bike at one of the terminals and enter a museum or grab something to eat without having to worry about the safety of the bike, nor your deposit. The down part however, is that they are quite heavy and not suitable for kids.

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