Budget Travel Tips: Tips for Visiting the Singapore Zoo


If you travel with kids, then you know that planning is the key to enjoying any trip. That certainly includes making plans when you want to bring the kids to the world-famous Singapore Zoo. With over 2,500 animals that cover a little over 300 species, there is a lot to see here. But just because it is huge, and the open concept of the zoo means you get to see the animals in a more natural habitat, you will need a few tips to make the most of the trip. Here are some that are bound to improve the experience.

The zoo opens at 8:30 and you want to get there as close to opening as you can so you can have plenty of time to wander the zoo and enjoy it. It is also best to get there early so that you can avoid all the crowds that will arrive around noon. Another advantage, if are visiting the zoo in the summer, is that it can be scorching hot mid-day, so plan to visit the water park that is in the kid’s zoo section to keep your cool. Getting in early can also mean a chance to have breakfast with the resident orangutans, which will keep your kids chattering all day long. Get in early and head out as soon as the kids get cranky is always a good policy for places like the Singapore Zoo.

While many zoos and parks have signs, telling you not to feed the critters, this zoo plays it different. There are posted feeding times for many of the animals including the elephants and giraffes. When these times roll around, you can get in on the feeding fun by participating with the feeding. While the polar bear’s feeding schedule is posted, don’t expect to participate in this one. But watching these big creatures enjoy their fish snacks is reward enough. But check the feeding times; they do change with circumstances and the seasons.

Today’s modern zoos all have great live shows that help us to appreciate the animals we are seeing even more. There are two morning shows and two afternoon shows, and they are all worth planning to see. Whether you and the kids enjoy the antics of California sea lions or a playful game of catch with one of the resident elephants, it is all fun to watch.

There are also shows that highlight the jungle creatures such as lemurs and spider monkeys and a show with familiar pets performing such as dogs, cats and even parrots. Bringing the kids to these fun live shows gives them a context for all those great creatures they are viewing as they walk through the zoo as well.

If you don’t live in the Singapore area, you might not be prepared for how much rain it gets all year around. Be sure to always pack rain gear, regardless of what the weather report says the night before. In addition, it can get quite hot walking around the zoo, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, hats to keep those little heads shaded and maybe even a change of clothes for after the wacky antics in the water park.

So, no matter when you go, be prepared with these tips and you will enjoy the zoo and all its wonderful inhabitants when you head out. Your kids are going to get the trip of a lifetime, why not be prepared so everyone can get the most from it.

Joanna Owens/ author of the article
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