Budget Travel Tips: The Oceans Festival Returns to Lisbon


The Oceans Festival returns to Portugal this year with celebrations of the sea and all manner of maritime affairs. Lisbon’s strong connection with the sea is immediately noticeable to all who visit as surfboards top almost every car along the journey to the beach. Escaping the sweltering heat brought by the clear blue skies is the main aim, which makes dipping into the cool Atlantic all the more satisfying.

Worship the Waves

Currently underway but running until the 10th of August by Tagus riverside, the festival brings its onlookers and participants ocean-themed concerts with performances from huge international stars like Joss Stone plus other Portugeuse stars like X-wife band and singer Sara Tavares. This year’s themes are entertainment and the environment. Visitors will be also be treated to multimedia projections of dazzling colour and light. Expect positive messages about Lisbon’s reliance on the sea and its future.

Later on in the evening, you can sit out by the river with a cocktail and enjoy the wild pyrotechnics shows that the festival has become famed for.

Of course, a delicious array of sea-food will be on offer. The classic garlicy ameijoas are a must, and are complimented by an ice-cold glass of beer.

Sightseeing and Attractions in Lisbon

The thriving city of Lisbon attracts visitors for a myriad of other reasons which you can also enjoy. Remember to visit the sun-drenched beaches of Cascais and Estoril, only 20 minutes drive from the city centre. Lisbon is a colorful city. And its highlights rival with Porto’s attractions. But in the end it’s all a matter of taste.


The cosmopolitan hub offers theatre, Classical concerts, and vast, impressive historical sites such as Geronimo’s tower: a monastery from the 1500’s that is listed as a world heritage site.

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