Budget Travel Tips: The Magical Prague in Winter


There are many cities around Europe that are great to visit in the spring, summer and autumn, but some of them lose their appeal in the wintertime. It’s not always great fun to sight-see when your fingers feel like they might get frostbite, and even worse if you are somewhere when it’s cold and raining.

But while you can’t always guarantee that it won’t rain where you’re headed, there are some places that actually seem even more attractive under cold crisp skies and one of them is Prague. And of course, with so many last minute deals on flights and holidays you can leave booking a trip until a few days before you want to go, enabling you to check whether you’re in for some good or bad weather.

Prague is the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic. When you see the historic centre of Prague for the first time, you’ll realise immediately why it has been given UNESCO world heritage status (since 1992).

It’s a charming centre full of old and beautiful buildings. The city has the river Vltava running through it, so there are several beautiful bridges that span the river including the most famous one, the Charles Bridge.


There are so many things to see in Prague you should read up on what you want to include on your visit there. If you’re a Beatles fan, don’t miss out on seeing the Lennon Wall. Near the Charles Bridge, this is a graffiti filled wall that’s a homage to John Lennon. The Charles Bridge is over 600m long and almost 10 metres wide, so it’s a great place to wander along, appreciate the views of the city in either direction as well as the thirty baroque statues that are placed along the bridge. It’s a beautiful bridge at any time of day, but there’s something magical about it when the lamps are lit and it’s dusk.

Of course, there’s a huge range of accommodation to choose from in Prague. Staying in the old town is more expensive, and though they’re often quaint, the budget city centre hotels can sometimes feel like you’re sleeping in a broom cupboard! Staying a little further out of town, in the business district, you’ll often get better value for money and extra facilities.

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