Budget Travel Tips: Being A Travel Master – Hunting Cheap Flight Promos Is Very Easy!


Everybody should be happy if can fly on the plane every time they travel. Traveling by airplane offers a lot of benefits. Airplane gives you shorter travel time, resulting in more time to spend at the destination. During the flight, you will be immersed in a comfortable cabin plus the great service from professional crews. Besides, ride on the airplane also feels more elegant and high class. Isn’t it?

Back in the past, the airplanes are presented in high prices. Only certain people with higher social economic status can afford to take a trip on a plane. However, the reality is now evolving to the other side.

Nowadays, everyone can afford to buy the flight tickets. It is supported more by the presence of budget airlines that grow so fast these days.

Not only the budget airlines, but the price competition also makes everybody can fly now. The competition directs each airline from each class competing with others to offer the cheaper airfare in order attracting more passengers. As a result, we can see there’s plenty special promo is offered by the airlines.

But again. Is everyone can enjoy the promo? Of course, you are, as long as you know the right way to do it.

Already eager to be a travel master? These 7 tricks will show you how easy peasy to always get the cheap flights promotion. You can do each of them one at the time or separately some of them.

1. Follow the airlines social media, especially your favorite one

Besides the official website, social media is one of the most active and responsive sources of information. The entire worlds’ popular airlines must have the official social media account. Keep up to date with any newest news about the airlines each time you access your account. The airlines always share the special promo via social media pages. You can also win the interesting price if you actively join the games of the quiz they held. From the social media, the airline company can direct you towards much useful travel news, even to their own blog, official website, and secret pages!

2. Use online travel agent to search and book flight tickets

An online travel agent may become the next primary player in the travel industry. This is one stop solution to book cheap flights after you have been served by detailed and useful infos from the complete list of flights schedule and airlines.

The OTA usually holds their specific special promo. It means, booking a flight on this site directing you to get double deals (one from the official airlines and one specifically from the agencies). You can enjoy the special promo from any airlines just by visiting one website only! No need to take more time browsing!

3. Be a member of the online travel agencies

Enlarge your possibility to earn more special promo by registering as a member of your favorite OTA. As the registered member, you will get more personal and useful update from it. The more you use the OTA, it will offer you more benefit.

4. Subscribe to travel newsletters from airlines and online travel agencies

If you are not feeling secure or willing to be a member, you can choose to just subscribe to the newsletter. Simply give your email to the airline company or the OTA so they can send you the newsletter regularly. Newsletters are filled with more detail travel info and updates, including more specific special promos you can enjoy.

5. Join as frequent flyer miles

If you have favorite airlines and frequently fly with it, consider joining in miles program. It’s the priority membership program. This exclusive membership not only promises you more special ticket price, but also many personal benefits. As the miles holder, you can grant the access to the executive lounge, more baggage capacity, and prior check in.

6. Using credit cards as a payment method

Though credit card is risky; we can’t deny that this magic card is being the primary payment tool in travel because it’s accepted globally. Furthermore, the airlines and affiliate merchant also often hold the special promo for certain credit card holder.

7. Always visit the travel fair in town

Another promo source can be found on the travel fair event. The bigger and more trustable the fair, the bigger and more tempting its promo.

Joanna Owens/ author of the article
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