Budget Travel Tips: 3 Romantic Getaways for Honeymooners in 2017


Imagine driving away from close family and friends in a limousine after the most important day of your entire life. Where does that road lead to? Not sure yet? Not a problem. Picking the perfect honeymoon destination is one of the most important decisions any couple can make when planning their big day. With that in mind, here are five of the most romantic destinations from all across the globe that are sure to heat things up and create memories to last a lifetime.

No place on earth overwhelms the senses – in the best way imaginable – than the truly remarkable gem of North Africa: the Kingdom of Morocco. Morocco’s culture offers one-of-a-kind experiences for travelers seeking enlightenment and who wish to spend their honeymoon exploring a truly energetic city. From exotic local cuisine , which guests are encouraged to eat with their hands and forgo utensils altogether, to exploring crowded bazaars hand-in-hand with their loved one finding trinkets and ‘magic’ lamps, newlyweds can expect to never find a dull moment while their feet are on Moroccan soil. Visit the ancient city of Fez where donkeys are the common mode of transportation or travel just a bit farther North to Chefchaouen where locals paint every inch of their city the most vibrant shade of blue to remind themselves to lead an honest, spiritual life – it is a truly awe-inspiring sight travelers won’t want to miss. Located about halfway between the California coast and Australia, this nearly perfect stretch of paradise is made up of more than one-hundred uniquely formed islands – the most well-known of which being Tahiti, Mo’orea and Bora Bora. Newlyweds can enjoy private over-water bungalows which offer a unique look into exotic marine habitats right in the comfort of their living quarters. Islands in this corner of the world have beautiful white, pink and black-sand beaches that make exploring with a new spouse an adventure all its own. The mysterious volcanic mountain ranges of Mo’orea await travelers wishing to step up the adventure and take a leap of faith with one another. Bora Bora, alternatively, offers one-of-a-kind glimpses into colorful coral-gardens which can be enjoyed while snorkeling, diving or even just swimming in its beautiful waters.

Disney World isn’t just for kids – it has a lot to offer adults. For budget-conscious newlyweds looking to stay in the continental United States, Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort offers the perfect setting for a fairy-tale bride to ease into wedded bliss with her very own Prince Charming. Spend all day enjoying adventures in-park and all night experiencing local nightlife and live entertainment at neighboring Disney Springs. Nearby exclusive Orlando-area resorts offer a necessary home-base for busy travelers to unwind. Unique vacation packages make traveling to the ‘happiest place on earth’ the gift that keeps on giving as couples explore the multitude of offerings these truly magnificent parks have to offer.

Whether you discover the African tundra on safari at Animal Kingdom or traverse the wonders of the globe at Epcot’s multi-cultural smorgasbord of nations, Disney World has something for every interest. From tropical getaways full of passion and adventure to trips rooted in mystery and native-immersion a honeymoon can mark the beginning of a new chapter in any couple’s sparkling future. While the most important decision might seem to lie in picking the right destination, the takeaway should be that no matter where you spend the first moments of matrimony, the important thing is that you’re together – ‘til death do you part! Katie Parsons is a communications specialist with Westgate Resorts. She’s also the creator of parenting blog Mumbling Mommy and mom to 5 of her own little ones.

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