Budget Travel Tips: 3 Classic Settings For Studying Abroad


Taking classes in a foreign country has been a life-changing experience for students over the years, and technology continues to add to the flexibility of selections. For those pursuing an online degree, living and studying abroad can transform the learning experience into a cultural journey that students could never capture in the classroom. Consider one of these sometimes overlooked study abroad options to travel, explore and learn. 

West With The Night 

Earnest Hemingway praised Beryl Markham’s 1939 autobiographical classic, West With The Night, a rich account of her life growing up on her father’s coffee plantation outside of present day Nairobi, Kenya. The book is an inspirational account of a young woman growing up with adventures unthinkable in her native England. As a young adult, she became an aviatrix and flew as a bush pilot over an Africa that has largely disappeared. However, much of the wild, open stretches of east Africa have remained relatively unchanged since Markham’s time, and studying in Kenya can provide a student with a true sense of adventure and the opportunity to advance an education unlike most peers.

The Sun Also Rises

Speaking of Papa Hemmingway, taking courses while living in Pamplona, Spain, the scene of what many consider to be the controversial literary icon’s best work, has its own adventures to be had – or avoided! Located less than an hour drive from the Pyrenees Mountains, the geographic boundary between Spain and France, this historic city in northern Spain is most famous for the famed running of the bulls during the festival of San Fermin, the city’s patron saint. This annual event in July draws tens of thousands of Spaniards and tourists who “brave” running with the young bulls on their way to the bullfighting arena in the center of town. For the rest of the year, however, Pamplona offers a unique chance to study with access to world-class internet connections in a slow-paced location where the Basque and Spanish culture permeate the daily lives of the town’s residents. 


So how do you like your steaks? Seriously, the mysterious Transylvanian setting of Bram Stoker’s (an Irishman) classic horror tale is a real place, namely a region in Romania, one of the Balkan states. Considered an extension of the Alps, the Transylvanian Alps offer more beauty than scares. Having escaped most of the violence and turmoil associated with neighboring countries in the Balkan Peninsula, a student in an overseas e-learning program can spend time on the Black Sea resort beaches during the summer months or travel to mountain destinations in the Carpathian Mountains. With a history that far predates the discovery of the Americas, learning a Romance language in this out-of-the way region of the world may take some of the chills out of your favorite vampire novel, as you can study in a tranquil setting rarely found in more common learning destinations. 

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