5 Budget Travel Tips


People are travelling around a lot more these days it seems. For many people, work can include trips abroad and whilst most of us are struggling with day to day living costs, the idea of taking a holiday is also still something we strive towards.

So whether it is for work or play, travelling can be an expensive business and any way that you might be able to save a few pounds is worth knowing about. One thing to keep in mind before you even go anywhere is that unexpected circumstances can prove costly when you are away from home. This is why having adequate cover from questor insurance is essential and can help to give you the peace of mind to really enjoy your trip.

Whether it means missing the crowds of package holidaymakers at an airport or making sure you don’t miss the last train back, choosing the right time to travel can make a big difference to the cost, as well as to your overall enjoyment. Off-peak fares and ticket prices are always cheaper than the busiest times of travel.

Investing in a strong piece of cabin luggage with 360 wheels might seem like strange advice for a list aimed to cutting back on expenses, but good luggage lasts a lifetime and can help you save money on excess baggage costs by taking everything that you need in a carry-on bag.


It is definitely a good idea to load up your iPhone with films, TV shows and albums to make sure you have all you need to keep yourself entertained on your journey.

The holy grail of any air traveller is the upgrade, that elusive reward given out by airline staff or airplane crew. There are a lot of websites giving ‘inside secrets’ on how to grab one, but the real trick is to look presentable, ask nicely and hope that your luck is in on that particular day.

Wherever you are going, if it involves an overnight stay then you have a chance to sample the local cuisine. This doesn’t need to be expensive, and sometimes a little research will show you where the locals eat the best food at great prices.

Joanna Owens/ author of the article
Hello, everyone! My name is Joanna Owens, and I'm a tourist guide. One of the things that sets me apart as a tourist guide is my enthusiasm and passion for what I do. I believe that travel should be about more than just checking off items on a bucket list; it should be about experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and discovering the world in all its beauty and complexity. I strive to create tours and experiences that are not only informative but also engaging and interactive, so that my clients can truly immerse themselves in the places they visit.
Budget Travel Tips